ImageSharp joins the .NET foundation.

ImageSharp + DotNet Foundation = strong!

ImageSharp + DotNet Foundation = strong!

Getting Strong Now...* #

Today we’re really happy and excited to share that ImageSharp is joining the .NET foundation!

This is a big deal to us but what does this mean for the future of ImageSharp?

Great things! It’ll still be maintained and governed by the same hardworking band of crack coding commandos as before, but with the support and guidance from a vast array of experts across various fields from within the .NET Foundation.

It's a match made in heaven, the sheer breadth of experiance available to us from within the Foundation can only benefit our project, and we make them look cool 😜

Read more about ImageSharp joining on the .NET foundation blog.

About the .NET Foundation #

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization created to foster innovation, which we believe starts with open development and collaboration. It's also a forum for community and commercial developers to broaden and strengthen the future of the .NET ecosystem.

Learn more about the .NET foundation at

*You now have the Rocky theme stuck in your head. You're welcome...